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Gift Touch

Gift Touch

Gift Touch is the corporate gifting company. They have strong clients as Jeep, Mahindra etc to provide the gifts for. They provide high quality luxury goods for corporate gifting to the big MNCs and Company. We have design the Corate gifting Leaflet and Catlogue for Gift Touch Company. You can see the design brief work the below prints.

  • Client: Gift touch.
  • Date: 2017-03-20
  • Website:
  • Services: Leaflet Design, Catalog Design


Case Study

The Gift Touch has specific requirements of Catalog to be design in. The Catlog look was more appealing and user engaging. The products placements was so specifics which will make the buyers to easy to selects the best possibles gifts.



The Prototype was very clear of Gift Touch about the Corporate Gifting. We have strickly follow the prototype and given the excellent design of catalog wich you can see in the above images.


Official Launch

The Official Launched was very Sucessful has we have deliver all the designs and creatives as per committed. The Catalog was very attractive and specific about the products which has increased the buying customers.

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