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Lassi India

Logo and Graphic Design for Lassi India

Lassi is a favorite summer drink in India. Lassi India is serving chilled traditional yoghurt based beverage, a wide range of juice flavors and ice-cream parlour. They have 3 branches in Mumbai.
Their products are very rich in protein and  helps in giving mass to your muscles.

  • Client: Lassi INDIA Dongri, Mumbai.
  • Date: 2017-03-20
  • Website: ……..
  • Services: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding


Logo Design

Lassi is a favorite summer drink in India. It is simple and healthiest drink ever made. Lassi India serves various flavours of lassi, juices and ice-creams, they wanted us to create their Brand identity keeping simplicity and refreshment in mind.



Lassi India is severing wide range of flavors in Lassi , Juices and Ice-Creams coming from various parts of our country. They wanted us to show the tradition and the famous monument in their shops keeping Refreshment and Excitement in Mind.


Brand Continiuty

With our Graphic design expertise we created an Indian Theme for Lassi India, which successfully connected all their branches with a heart touching and a mesmerizing looks. Brand Continuity future helps in Marketing and growing Brand presence.

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