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VidStar LED TV Brand

The VidStar LED TV Brand was the very finest Brand among all. We have design the Product of LED TV with TV Remote form Vidstar.

The Biggest Model of Entertainment in Every Home with cost Competitive and easy to use.

  • Client: Kennitel Keniite
  • Date: 28 |09| 2018
  • Website: —–
  • Services: Product Photography | Digital Alteration


Case Study

We have got the brief from the VidStar about the Product. Depending upon the brief idea and concept was design by our experts in Mumbai. The concept note was very clear and detailed which at the last come up with the best ever design of LED TV.


Modeling & Retopology

Product design task was really challenging for Arising Design team. We have followed all the instruction and created a Beautiful Model with best Outlook and Appereance.


Rendering | VR

After Modeling and retopology of the product the last thing which is going to give our product a final look was Rendering and VR. Conclusion came from this can be seen in the above catalog.

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